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Find, understand, learn, share, reward – change.

The SM Transparency Catalog makes it easy to:

  • Find all the brands and all their products with transparency disclosures – in a glance.
  • Understand what they mean and how to use to earn rating system credits.
  • Learn what a manufacturer is doing to improve.
  • Share your feedback with manufacturers and the industry.
  • Reward manufacturers investing in product transparency by choosing their products.
  • Change. Creating preference for these products by educating the industry about what product transparency info means – drives behavior change.

The SM Transparency Catalog is the only source designed as an educational marketing platform to:

  • In a glance, provide access to products with environmental and material disclosures that qualify for Collaborative for High Performance Schools, LEED v4, Green Globes, the Well Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge ­– from all manufacturers, all program operators and all material disclosure rating systems
  • Provide built in glossaries and reference tools to understand what the disclosures mean and how they’re used to meet product transparency credits and criteria in green building rating systems
  • Make products with transparency disclosures easy to find for AEC professionals AND manufacturers’ employees and partners; and send users to manufacturers’ websites for more info
  • Create a virtuous cycle of supply and demand for credibly greener & healthier products — in a ‘carrot’ kind of way

Product transparency challenges

People aren’t looking for disclosures. They’re looking for products with disclosures.

The SM Transparency Catalog is the first place to connect product information with product transparency information to integrate product transparency into product marketing.

Understandability and findability. AEC professionals are going to manufacturers’ websites to find their products with disclosures. The challenge is: they’re typically not easy to find, and further, not easy to understand and use to make informed specification and purchase decisions.

Costs and effective use. Manufacturers looking to maintain an early-mover advantage – or gain an advantage at the start – want to leverage these investments into measurable results.

SM Transparency Products address these challenges by integrating product transparency into product marketing.

They are next generation marketing tools that turn disclosure into brand value to inform greener & healthier purchase decisions.They combine product and sustainability efforts into one integrated story and provide the value-add of explanation and improvement efforts that disclosures don’t report – in an understandable and meaningful way for non-technical readers.
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Why are we showcasing only products with transparency information?
Creating transparency disclosures requires tremendous investment in costs and learning curve to understand the processes, interpret the outcomes and to convey the results. Products with transparency information are also likely to have many of the other green ratings and certificates for that product category. The choice of which products to create disclosures for is an indicator of either a manufacturer’s most popular products, the greenest/healthiest or both.

Listing types and pricing

Listings include environmental and material disclosures from all program operators and all material disclosure and rating systems.

All product and disclosure information is provided and maintained by the manufacturer, the program operator and/or rating system. No ads, internet scraping or selling user information.

Level 3: Featured brand

Makes your products with transparency information findable and the transparency information understandable

  • Manufacturer name links to Brand Showroom
  • List of products linking to SM Transparency Products
  • Links to associated disclosures with key attributes & expiration dates
  • Graphic in Featured brand zone links to your SM Brand Showroom
  • Custom introduction text and contact link to manufacturer
  • Add your own Google Analytics tracking code
  • Customized social media icons

Included in SM Transparency Products subscription

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Level 2: Standard (example on left)

Makes your products with transparency information findable

Unlimited links to products w/ disclosures

  • Manufacturer name links to its website front page
  • List of products linking to web site product pages
  • Links to associated disclosures with key attributes & expiration dates
  • Custom introduction text and contact link to manufacturer
  • Add your own Google Analytics tracking code
  • Customized social media icons

Annual subscriptions from $3.9k

Onboarding and maintenance services available

Level 1: EPD links

Makes your EPDs findable

When you work with Program Operator Consortium members

  • Manufacturer name links to its website front page
  • List of products with EPDs only
  • Links to EPDs with key attributes and expiration date

$0 Included in verification fees

Level 0: Freemium

The manufacturer has products with transparency information

  • Manufacturer name links to its website front page
  • Check circle indicates manufacturer has product(s) with one or both types of disclosures

Designing and marketing greener & healthier products is a continuous improvement loop.

A portion of the catalog proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation

Sustainable Minds donates a portion of the Transparency Catalog proceeds to the National Park Foundation.

The intent of product transparency is first to provide insights into the environmental and/or human health impacts created over the lifecycle of products.

Manufacturers who understand what’s causing the impacts can make better design decisions to make better, higher performing, more innovative products. These manufacturers have real stories to tell. Sharing this knowledge educates the industry and ultimately creates preference and value for that brand.

Since the announcement of LEED v4, Sustainable Minds has been a proponent and driving force behind making product transparency information simple, understandable and meaningful.

Doing that has meant taking the long view and a systems approach starting with evaluating the standards development process and the various rating systems to understand commonalities and differences. Then working to make the resulting information from these programs simpler.

Sustainable Minds became an ISO 14025 program operator to develop a standardized, simpler and more useful approach to creating product category rules (PCRs) and environmental product declarations (EPDs). This vision has driven change and alignment in the industry.

The SM Transparency Catalog is the next level of effort to bring together all those manufacturers making the commitment to be transparent and to present that information in a simple, standardized and consistent way.

What the market wants and needs is products with actually better environmental performance, not just reports. Disclosure alone without improvement is not helpful. We want AEC decision-makers to understand, make informed decisions and reward manufacturers who are actually making greener & healthier products.

Creating preference for those products by educating the market to understand what product transparency information means – will drive behavior change.

Everyone benefits:

  • Manufacturers: Leverage transparency investments to create better products
  • AEC decision-makers: Easier overall – credible info they want and understand to reward manufacturers
  • Green building rating systems: More products to award points to decision-makers for making greener purchase decisions thereby building more actually greener buildings