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Inpro is an industry leader bringing innovative, new products to market every year that are purposeful and relevant to our customers’ needs. We continuously integrate robust sustainability attributes into new and existing products. At Inpro, operating in a systematically sustainable manner provides opportunities to be innovative when it comes to business practices and product offerings.

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We understand that everyday matters, matter every day. It is Inpro’s sustainability policy to conduct business and product development with consideration of the relationship with people, the planet and profit. We intend to continuously reduce our environmental impact, positively impact the communities within which we operate, and provide an economically responsible place of employment for our employees and respective communities. We realize that as the world around us — knowledge, technology, culture and policy — evolves, so will our sustainability policy.

Inpro Corporation is committed to sustainable business practices in our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, government entities and our community neighbors – all with an eye toward our obligation to future generations. Through our business operations, we shall:

  • Communicate environmental practices to all employees.
  • Develop products and processes to minimize adverse environmental impacts.
  • Comply with environmental regulations and other requirements.
  • Prevent pollution, conserve resources and reduce waste.
  • Continually improve our environmental management system.
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