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Bio-Plastic Solutions, is an industry leader in bio-plastic engineering and the manufacturing of proprietary bio-based poly resins and products. Our bio-based innovations are designed to provide alternative solutions for governments, organizations, and businesses that are committed to publicly utilizing environmentally sensitive products and processes.

Bio-Plastic Solutions is based in Ellendale, MN and has operated for over 20 years. Our expertise in extrusion, innovative concepts and patented materials offer a wide variety of product-ready and custom projects utilizing our BioBest® resin as well most standard extrusion materials.

Contact us for more information about our products or reach out to Danny Noble, 612.940.9374.

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Eco Friendly PVC or ABS Alternative – BioEdge® Edgebanding  

BioEdge® is a bio-based edgebanding product that is ideal for tables, office work stations or cabinetry. It is both a process and a product solution eliminating the use of oil and harmful chemicals, no longer needed to manufacture edgebanding. 

BioBest® Biopolymer, a PLA bioplastic material sourced from sustainably grown corn or sugar cane, is a tough and durable proprietary material that:

• Is impervious to moisture and mechanically and thermally stable with a low smoke index

• Contains no known hazardous chemicals and emits no known toxic VOCs

• Can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally safe manner

• Is applied using standard edgebanding application equipment and adhesives

• Is manufactured in the United States and is the only bio-based and biodegradable edgeband option available

Best of all, BioEdge is competitively priced with PVC or ABS edgebanding, quickly making it the leading green solution in the industry and number one choice with our partners.

A portion of the catalog proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation

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