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Founded in 1929, HALFEN is a global leader in anchoring and reinforcement technology. HALFEN offers products and technical solutions for application in construction/industrial projects such us: anchoring, reinforcement, mounting/framing, facade fixing, transport anchoring and tension rod systems. 

HALFEN is committed to increasing value with a strong focus on quality. We are socially responsible and environmentally sensitive, always looking beyond the immediate project to further develop the wider community. 

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HALFEN is a social and environmentally responsible company. Protecting the environment and reducing CO2 through sustainable management are important to us. Environmental product declarations (EPD) provide transparent assessment data to evaluate the sustainability of buildings and their life spans. The Institute for Construction and Environment provides independently certified information with EPDs for the HALFEN Cast-in channel and the HIT Insulated connection. Health Product Declarations (HPD) complement sustainability information. HPDs include a list of components and information on health effects. With the HPD for hot-dip galvanized HALFEN Cast-in channel, credits are attainable in the LEED v4 system.

HALFEN offers products for diverse structural configurations to meet environmental and energy efficiency needs. We provide customers high-quality products in precast, commercial, residential and industrial construction markets. Architects and designers alike take advantage of our technical expertise and software solutions to fast track projects. As an advocate of socially and environmentally responsible design concepts, we are committed to sustainable design. We are a member of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative and provide multiple Passive House Institute certified products. Long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers are the key to HALFEN’s global success. More than 1,100 HALFEN employees strive for a common interest, with a commitment to increase value while focusing on quality, customer service and innovation. 

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