How we make it greener Standard EcoPower® Faucet



TOTO participates in the UPS Carbon Neutral program. TOTO is a certified SmartWay® Transport Partner.


TOTO’s Standard EcoPower® Faucets feature the highly regarded EcoPower technology. Engineered to reduce environmental impacts, TOTO’s EcoPower products offer water and energy savings without sacrificing performance. Below are some of the features of TOTO’s EcoPower technology.


Located in the nose of the faucet, the EcoPower sensor ensures that water flows only when needed. The detection zone is right where you need it, eliminating the need to search with your hands to activate the flow of water. For on-demand versions, the sensor will stop the flow of water upon removal of the hands from the sensing zone, preventing wasted water.

TOTO's EcoPower technology enables the product to operate 100% off grid. As water flows, the hydro powered microturbine recharges the capacitors for the sensor and solenoid. Less reliance on the back-up battery results in much less battery waste.

The solenoid mechanism, a water-saving technology, maintains consistent flow rate under a range of supply pressures.


Using the same proven engineering as our legendary EcoPower TEL3/5G series, the low flow TEL105 series reinforces TOTO's performance reputation while offering additional water savings.


Metal and electronic parts can be recycled at the end of life.